New Pokemon Anime Teases a Depressing Pikachu Reveal

In a matter of days, fans will get to meet the next evolution of Pokemon. The franchise has been around for more than 20 years, and its next games will welcome Generation Eight to the fold. Pokemon Sword and Shield will go live on November 15 before its all-new anime goes live, and the show hopes to do something previous series have never done.

With two leads and a whole bunch of regions to see, Pokemon: The Series hopes to shake things up for Ash. All of the series' trailers so far have left fans impressed, but one keen-eyed netizen thinks the latest teaser is hiding a sad secret.

Recently, Pokemon: The Series put out a new teaser, and it focused on the show's premiere and highlights. Yes, Ash and Gou made an appearance as the latter began his quest to find Mew. However, the other part of the trailer was dedicated to Pikachu and his origin story. And thanks to Twitter user TAHKO, fans are terrified Pikachu is going to be orphaned.

The teaser isn't blatant about the insinuation, but Pokemon fans are reading into it. The premiere of Pokemon: The Series will recount the franchise up until now through the eyes of Pikachu. It will tell his origin story as a young Pichu before he met Professor Oak and was taken in by Ash. The back half of the origin story will be familiar as Ash lived it years ago, but the stuff about Pikachu is new.

Over on Twitter, TAHKO went viral after picking out screenshots from Pokemon which support their theory. The fact that Pichu is alone on his adventure is upsetting enough, and his orphan status would explain his personality. Much like Bulbasaur originally, Pikachu could be distant because he's been torn from his family, and fans are not sure how they'll handle this depressing fact if it really does come to pass.


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Pokemon: The Series is currently scheduled to premiere November 17th in Japan. One of the biggest changes for this new series is the second protagonist, Gou, voiced by Daiki Yamashita. He and Ash will go on their journeys together, and soon we'll all find out what this next era of the Pokemon anime has in store for old and new fans.