Pokemon Sales Are Set to Boom in Sales Thanks to BTS

Pokemon is one of the biggest franchises in the world these days, so trust us when we say it needs no help making sales. Pokemon Legends: Arceus has brought in tons of cash to the IP, and Netflix is still helping bankroll the anime. As for its other projects, Pokemon doesn't need to do much to push inventory, but a little plug from BTS is about to boom one of its brands.

The whole situation got started like so, you see. Pokemon has a lot of merchandising deals under its banner, and a good few of them have to do with food. If you head to any Japanese convenience store or grocer, you will find tons of Pokemon baked goods and snacks. These have always sold like – well – hot cakes in Japan so fans in South Korea were hyped with SPC Samlip began importing the treats for locals. And when BTS began posting pictures of the treats, fans flocked to try the sweets.

According to SPC Samlip, the company has already sold 1.5 million units of Pokemon treats in a single week, and there is a clear favorite with fans. The Team Rocket chocolate rolls are selling the best, and RM seems to be a big fan. After all, the leader of BTS posted a photo on his Instagram story of the snacks. According to RM, he had to check out eight different convenience stores before he found the Team Rocket treats in stock, and he is asking SPC Samlip to boost their inventory ASAP.

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As you can imagine, fans of BTS were quick to snag the treats over in South Korea, and they did so alongside snacky children to boot. You can see why these Pokemon snacks are in high demand at the moment, and fans from outside of South Korea are now vying for a taste. So far, these sweet breads are hard to find stateside, but you can buy shipments secondhand if you're that invested. But if Oreo can launch a successful Pokemon collaboration, well – fans are hoping these treats can make a name for themselves in America before long.

Have you tried any of these cute Pokemon sweets yet? Or do you want to nab any of them if they head to a store near you? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.

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