Pokemon: Twilight Wings Shares Subtle Johto Easter Egg

The most recent episode of Pokemon: Twilight Wings didn't just focus on the rival from Pokemon: [...]

The most recent episode of Pokemon: Twilight Wings didn't just focus on the rival from Pokemon: Sword And Shield, Hop, but it also had a nice nod to the Johto Region which was first introduced as part of the second generation of Pokemon within the franchise! First arriving through the video games of Pokemon: Gold and Pokemon: Silver, the new region introduced both fans and Pokemon trainers to a large number of new pocket monsters that amplified the number of creatures to be caught. Though Twilight Wings focuses on the Galar Region, it's nice to see that the series can throw in some clever Easter Eggs!

In the episode itself, Wooloo is distraught at the love that his trainer, Hop, has for both his brother and his powerful Pokemon, Charizard. Running from his trainer, Wooloo goes on a series of adventures where he runs into a specific firebreather that first appeared in the Johto region, alongside a Charmander that is assisting in rallying a crowd for a performance unlike any other. These specific trainers were found in Pokemon: Gold and Pokemon: Silver, specializing in fire-type Pokemon that would help sharpen the skills of trainers that would fight against them!

Twitter User TAHK0 discovered the clever Easter Egg in episode 3 of Pokemon: Twilight Wings, noting that this specific trainer was found numerous times throughout the Johto Region in the Pokemon video games that helped put the franchise on the map:

The episode doesn't just give us this clever Easter Egg, it shows us a brand new side to Hop as he attempts to find his Wooloo and demonstrates his love for the pocket monster that he has had acting as his right hand "Mon". Though Pokemon Sword And Shield gave us plenty of moments to learn more about Hop's character, it wasn't until this anime spin-off that we learned just how important Wooloo was to his journey of becoming one of the greatest Pokemon trainers in the world.

As Twilight Wings continues, we're sure to see more Easter Eggs from the franchise arrive as well as a better look into the world of the Galar Region!

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