You Can Actually Get Paid to Put Anime Ads on Your Car

There are a lot of jobs in this world, and some are more enviable than others. While some might see A-list actors in that light, there are some who may be looking to drivers in Japan with envy in their eyes. After all, it is entirely possible to get paid for promoting anime overseas, and it is done by simply driving around.

If you did not know, a new report by Grape broke down the whole industry in aa recent piece. As it turns out, there is a company in Japan called Cheer Drive that is all about making ads. The company sends out adverts of all kinds to drivers who sign up for the service. If those drivers want, they can sign up to promote a slew of anime with car ads, and it isn't that bad of a gig.

dr stone anime season 3
(Photo: Studio TMS)

According to the report, Cheer Drive mails three stickers out to drivers which combine to make a large ad. These adverts vary in size based on the vehicle driven by users, and Cheer Drive pays its contractors per kilometer. Of course, each kilometer only nets drivers about six cents, but that can add up if you make quite the commute each day.

Clearly, this sort of job isn't one you can survive off, but it gives anime fans some extra money in their pockets. Advertising space is always a premium in Japan given its dense metropolitan sectors, and public transportation is pretty much saturated. This means those with cars can net some extra cash each month if they don't mind promoting a random anime to do so. And if they're lucky, their series might just become a new favorite!


Would you care to sign up for one of these paid ads? What show would you want to help promote? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.

HT - Otaku USA Magazine