New 'Psycho-Pass' Films Reveal Premiere Date, Runtime

Psycho-Pass is soon returning with a new film trilogy highlighting different aspects of its world, but not much has been revealed about the project since its announcement earlier this year.

But thankfully those fears can be put to bed for now as the first two films of the trilogy has revealed an official premiere date along with the runtime for the two films.

Subtitled Sinners of the System, the first two of the new film trilogy will officially premiere during the 31st Tokyo International Film Festival on October 7. Announced earlier this year, the new film trilogy will focus on five different characters throughout. The premiere screening is currently listed at 120 minutes in total for both of the films, which could mean the new films are an hour long each if they are split evenly. Fans are split themselves over this news, but are happy for more new Psycho-Pass content nonetheless.

The first film in the new trilogy is titled Case 1: Crime and Punishment, and will have Mika Shimotsuki and Nobuchika Ginoza in the lead roles, and the second film is titled Case 2: First Guardian, will feature Teppei Sugo and Tomonori Masaoka as the lead characters. The final film in the trilogy is titled Case 3: Beyond the Vengeance, and will focus on Shinya Kogami.

The film trilogy will be three independent stories at different points in the main Psycho-Pass timeline, so fans have been speculating about when exactly the new films take place. The current theory is that the first film will act as a prequel, and the final film in the trilogy will act as a sequel to the main series. Fans of the original series should be relieved to hear that original series director Naoyoshi Shiotani is returning to direct the new film trilogy as well.


Psycho-Pass is an original anime series produced by Production I.G. in 2012. Directed by Naoyoshi Shiotani and Katsuyuki Motohiro, and written by Gen Urobuchi, the series is set in a dystopian world where public censors scan every citizen. The machine collect data to gauge the likelihood of that person committing a crime. Whenever someone's rating is flagged, the Public Safety Bureau responds to take them out, but things get sticky when latent criminals decide they are done being persecuted ahead of their crimes. The series has since spawned a sequel series, film, video games, and even a brand new series debuting next year.