First ‘Radiant’ Trailer May Reveal Anime’s Next Big Shonen

When it comes to shonen, it can be hard to keep up with what’s what. The genre is one of the [...]

When it comes to shonen, it can be hard to keep up with what's what. The genre is one of the biggest in anime, and hundreds of titles can be seen circulating at any given time. For those wanting to make it big like One Piece, the competition can be fierce, but it looks like one rookie franchise is already out to take the top spot.

After all, the very first trailer for Radiant has gone live, and the teaser may give fans their first look at the new big anime craze.

Right now, Anime Japan is live in Tokyo, and the annual event is heating up. Not long ago, NHK Studios revealed its first sneak-peek at Radiant, a manga from France that was brought over to Japan by the illustrator of One Punch Man. And, as you can see below, the series looks pretty slick.

The trailer doesn't reveal much of Radiant's story, but it does get to the point. The shonen takes place in a world where magic and monsters are very real. A young orphan named Seth makes it his mission to become a sorcerer who can take out these gnarly monsters. To do that, he and his comrades must find a relic only known as Radiant, but their search gets them noticed by a rather shady organization called The Inquisition.

The series looks like a top-tier shonen, and its anime's visuals are as pristine as you could want. As for Radiant goes, its success has been a groundbreaking one for the industry. The simple fact it comes from France is huge, and its creator Tony Valente has done what very few others have. His devotion to shonen helped him create an authentic manga that has since been brought to Japan, and its anime adaptation may be the thing that makes it a truly global success.

The staff for Radiant was also announced today as was its crew. Director Seiji Kishi will oversee the series while Nozomi Kawano does its character designs. A poster was also released for the title, and it highlights each of Radiant's main magical leads.

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