'Re:Zero' Confirms English Dub Release

Re:Zero - Starting Life in Another World took anime fans by storm when it released in 2016. Its twist of the isekai subgenre and mix of great animation and character design made a huge impact. But it never got an English dub.

Thankfully, there are plans in place to make that happen.

According to a Q&A session with anime distributor Anime Limited (as spotted by Anime UK News), the rights for Re:Zero were simply just in the air. According to Anime UK:

"There is currently no official list for the titles that are no longer with Anime Limited in terms of the Crunchyroll x Funimation partnership. The reason is because they are waiting for full confirmation on what exactly they have from the deal, but they did mention that they intend to put one out hopefully in 2018. Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World- is confirmed to be fine at least, with plans for a potential Q2 2018 release for the first half of the series. They’re also waiting for the English dub to be scheduled in North America."

So while it has been available to stream in Japanese with English subtitles on Crunchyroll, fans of English language dubs had no option to watch the series since it was not simuldubbed. Thankfully now that the distribution rights for the series have been settled for 2018, Re:Zero is officially moving forward.

For those unfamiliar with Re:Zero - Starting Life in Another World, the series was originally created by Tappei Nagatsuki with illustrations provided by Shinichirou Otsuka. The story follows Subaru Natsuki, a homebody who wakes up in a fantasy world on his way home from the convenience store. Meeting a silver haired elf named Satella, he decides to help her on her journey to recover a stolen item. After the two are mysteriously killed, Subaru wakes up to realize that he has gone back in time to the point when he first entered the world. Realizing he has a new power called "Return by Death," which sends him back in time every time he dies, Subaru decides to use this new power to try and make a better life for himself in this world with the mysterious silver haired elf.


The series originally began life as a series of light novels, it has since been collected into fifteen volumes since 2014. The series was adapted into three different manga series by Daichi Matsue and Makoto Fugetsu, and was adapted into an anime series by White Fox in 2016 that ran for 25 episodes. It has been licensed for an English language release by Yen Press.

via Anime UK News