Re:Zero Studio Gives Official Statement on Season Two's Delay

There are plenty of anime fans out there waiting for their go-to show to get a second season, and a good few of them love Re:Zero. The show became a hit upon its release of season one, and it has carried on its successes with OVA shorts and crossovers. This year, fans were finally slated to see the premiere of season two go live in April, but the coronavirus outbreak caused production issues which forced the season to be delayed. And after a bit of waiting, the studio behind Re:Zero has made a statement on the sizable postponement.

Over in Japan, White Fox Studios shared their official statement about the delay. The message was shared on television after fans of Re:Zero demanded some sort of explanation for the delay.

"Original work was done in [Japan] but painting and specific animation were produced by outsourcing companies in China whose production was affected by attendance restrictions due to impact of the epidemic," the message reads.

As you can understand, the production of anime in China has slowed these last few months. The novel coronavirus is said to have come from Wuhan, a bustling city in China. One of the area's wet markets is believed to have been the birthplace of coronavirus, and the disease spread out from the city to the whole of China before traveling to other parts of Asia. Now, COVID-19 has become a fully blown pandemic with cases popping up around the globe from the U.S. to Japan and beyond.


With the pandemic going around, anime fans have more to worry about than the release of Re:Zero season two, but they are keeping an eye on its new premiere date. The season is slated to debut this July, so fans will reunite with the anime just as summer begins to reach its peak in the U.S.

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