Regular Show Staff Would Love to Make Season 9 Happen

The staff responsible for Cartoon Network's Regular Show would love to return to the world of Mordecai and Rigby.

Regular Show was one of the strangest series to arrive on Cartoon Network in its history, but it was also one of its most popular. Garnering eight seasons that followed Mordecai, Rigby, and their gang of co-workers at the park, the series actually had quite the conclusive ending by showing the main characters "all grown up" with families and children of their own. In a recent interview, it seems that one of the staff that wouldn't mind returning to the surreal world of Regular Show for a ninth season.

Regular Show received a staggering two-hundred and sixty-one episodes, alongside a feature-length film that never hit theaters, during its Cartoon Network run. Created by animator J.G. Quintel, the cancellation saw a new project come about in Close Enough, a series where the stars were humans instead of birds, apes, and raccoons but still had to deal with some extremely surreal adventures. Unfortunately, not only was Close Enough canceled following its third season but the series from Quintel was also stricken from MAX's library, meaning that the only way to watch it currently is by purchasing the seasons from various online retailers. 

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Is a Regular Show Season 9 Possible?

Outlet Cartoon Base recently had the opportunity to chat with Regular Show's storyboard revisionist, Paul Scarlata, who stated in no uncertain terms that he would love to come back for a ninth season of the beloved animated series, "I loved working on the show and with all the talented folks I got to work with. If I ever got the opportunity to work with any of them again, on another season of RS or anything else, I would love to."

J.G. Quintel wasn't just the creator of both Regular Show and Close Enough, he played key characters for each series in Mordecai and Josh respectively. At present, Quintel has yet to reveal if he will work on another animated series following the cancellation of Close Enough. With so many animated series making big comebacks in recent years, perhaps we haven't seen the last of Mordecai and Rigby. 

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