Is Ribrianne Going to Be Eliminated in 'Dragon Ball Super'?

Fans may still be recovering from Ultra Instinct Goku hitting Kefla with the greatest Kamehameha Wave of the series, but the fight for universal survival continues.

As teased in the latest preview for Episode 117 ("Showdown of Love! Androids vs. Universe 2") of Dragon Ball Super, Ribrianne will lead Universe 2 in an attack against a weakened Goku. Thankfully for Goku, it seems like Android 17 and 18 will come to his rescue and get another moment to shine in the Tournament of Power.

But the interesting thing is whether or not Universe 2 will survive this onslaught. Looking at the title of Episode 118, "Accelerating Drama: A Universe Disappears...!" Universe 2 might be in more trouble than they were bargaining for:

Now taking the remaining fighters into account, one would imagine Universe 6 was the most likely to be in critical health with only two remaining fighters. But assessing the remaining strength of Universe 2 could imply otherwise.

Universe 2 may currently have five remaining fighters, but if they are all participating the attack on Goku, then they could be the next universe eliminated. The remaining members of Universe 2 may have a fighter that can use the Instant Transmission technique, and Ribrianne's magical girl powers are a powerful force, but they could be overwhelmed by the Androids.

Android 17 defeated two of their members with ease the last time he had a major moment in the Tournament, and Android 18 has defeated a few other universe's fighters herself. Her leg injury might hold her back a bit, but it's been established that 17 and 18 have a wealth of stamina and energy to draw from otherwise.

Perhaps Ribrianne's devastating new transformation, as teased in Episode 117, is brought on more from desperation than the "power of love" that she's been absorbing up to this point. Regardless of how this fight turns out, Ribrianne still has to deal with a recovering Goku as well, who's proven to still have enough stamina to fight any strong opponents he comes across.

Hopefully the next two episodes show off a great battle, because fans are still clamoring for Goku's match with Jiren and Vegeta's attempt at Ultra Instinct. These episodes between those big moments are going to feel like filler unless other characters really get a chance to shine.


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What are the odds of Ribrianne being eliminated and Universe 2's possible erasure? Talk to me @Valdezology.