Rick and Morty's Anime Short Is Likely Getting a Sequel

Rick and Morty has become one of the hottest comedies on television, and it has broken ground with a few of its shorts. Back in the spring, fans were taken aback when the Adult Swim darling put forth a short imagining its anime alternate universe. The hit short made waves globally as fans clamored for more, and director Kaichi Sato says he is game to do more should he be asked.

This update came in a recent interview done by Otaku USA. It was there Sato spoke about his work on Adult Swim, and he said the Rick and Morty short went through several pitches before he stumbled upon the perfect homage.

rick and morty anime
(Photo: Adult Swim)

"I suddenly had a flash of an idea that Rick and Morty's base format of 'an adult and a child duo going on wild and radical adventures' was close to Lone Wolf and Cub and thought it would be interesting to mash them up," Sato said.

Of course, that means a lot of pitches were left on the cutting room floor, but they might have use never the less. Sato says his team is currently planning the sequel to Rick and Morty's anime short. "Samurai & Dragon" was too good to pass up the first time around, so fans have high hopes for this sequel.

Afterwards, it will be up to fans to get Sato hired by the show for real. After all, it turns out the director wants to work on the actual Rick and Morty series with co-creators Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland. And if that wish were to be granted, fans would be in for one of the series' best-looking episodes ever.


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