Rick and Morty Co-Creator Talks Troubles of Recording Season 6's Roy Episode (Exclusive)

One of the biggest episodes of Rick And Morty's sixth season saw not only Summer taking the wheel in an effort to keep her grandfather and brother alive, but it also returned to the digital world of Roy while presenting a universe where every character had Morty's voice. In speaking with series co-creator, Justin Roiland, our own Nick Valdez dove deep into the episode titled "A Mort Well Lived", with Roiland walking him through the challenges in creating a story with multiple characters using the same voice.

Roiland began discussing this episode by dissecting his process in bringing this episode to life and how he attempted to make the voices have subtle changes in order to distinguish them all from one another while still having that familiar tone that Morty Smith exhibits throughout the series: 

"The way the show gets me, it's an interesting process because obviously there's the first record and I went in and I definitely tried to do something a little bit different for all of these Morties. As subtle as I could, but something that sort of felt different. Then the show does have a lot of rounds of rewriting and just changes that sort of happen throughout production.  This happened once before where going back with scenes being rewritten and me going back and I'm like, 'Oh my God, what did I do? What were all the little things I did to all these different Morties and it's been so long I can't even really remember.' I think it got less and less of what I intended to originally do with the kind of subtle differences as multiple rewrites sort piled up throughout the course of time."

Justin also stated how this had happened once before during the Citadel of Ricks episode that saw a large gathering of Morties having the co-creator/voice actor having to shoulder the heavy burden of bringing countless characters to life: 

"That happened also with the Citadel of Ricks, the Tales from the Citadel episode where I was playing all these different Morties. I did the same thing there where I had different takes on them, but that was a little easier because there weren't as many, right? There still were a lot, but there weren't as many so I was able to like, oh, let me hear that again. Okay. I kind of remember what I was doing. Whereas this one was like, 'Oh my God, this Morty only has one line or he only has one monologue here, or this character that is the voice of Morty only has this.' It just got harder to keep track of all of that over this long period. I definitely tried to do it as best I could and tried my hardest to go back and listen to what I was doing and remember. Yeah, that was a wild one because it's just a lot of characters and you want to give them some kind of differentiation as best you can."

Rick And Morty will return to Adult Swim this Sunday, November 20th at midnight with new episodes of the animated series' sixth season.