Rick and Morty Solves Major Season 5 Finale Issue

There has been one nagging issue with Rick and Morty's sixth season throughout its run so far, but the newest episode of the series has finally fixed this issue regardless of whether or not it's what Rick wanted! At the end of the fifth season, Evil Morty's plan was revealed to be a way to escape from the Central Finite Curve. Using the remaining portal fluid and the bodies of many Ricks and Mortys in the Citadel, Evil Morty tore a hole open in the universe and used it to get to a new dimension not bound by Rick's rules.  

Season 6's premiere, "Solaricks" then confirmed that the rift Evil Morty had used to escape was still open and Rick had actually used it in order to travel across dimensions himself. Fans had been wondering what had happened to this open hole in the universe, but the newest episode of the series has finally put this issue to bed as this open rift was not only addressed but closed before the episode came to an end. Much to Rick's chagrin as he noted it could've been so much more

(Photo: Adult Swim)

Throughout the Season 6 episode, "Juricksic Mort," the news kept pointing out that there was still a mysterious rift open out in the middle of space. Rick had continued to ignore it, and was brushing it under the rug much like how he had been refusing to work on his portal gun. He had been purposefully dragging his feet in both regards (likely due to the fact that they would bring him closer to Rick Prime, for the first real time in his hunt of the foe), and it wasn't until a highly intelligent group of dinosaurs fixed it for him that something was actually done.

What's weird is that it's played off like nothing, yet Rick openly decries the fact that they fixed it with ease. Arguing that it could have been something huge for the series' canon (that could have "been milked for a whole season" or a "three episode arc at least"), it's strange that the series is making such a note of something it had been ignoring for the past few episodes. It's almost like it's made so unimportant that it's become important in a way that might not be expected. 

This could be anything from teasing a potential return from Evil Morty, Rick Prime, or something else we don't know about yet. But the series did make a point to fix it now before taking a break before it's final episodes. What do you think? Do you think this could be setting up something bigger? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!