Robber Breaks Into Houses Wearing Evangelion Cosplay

The story of Neon Genesis Evangelion is a popular one, so popular that the release of the series on Netflix this year has caused a huge stir among fans despite the fact that the show has been around for so long. With such a well known series, I'm sure Japan has plenty of costumes available to be your favorite character. Such was the mindset of a robber in Munakata who decided to dress as main character Shinji Ikari to break into houses.

Tetsuya Fujisawa is an unemployed 37 year old who has fallen on hard times. While this is a story that we've seen before in many other instances, few have involved wearing such recognizable, and sometimes strange, costumes to commit his crimes. Prior to throwing on the Shinji costume, Fujisawa was using a bunny girl outfit to disguise his identity.

Fujisawa himself stole around $155 USD from the house that led to his capture. He was sentenced to three years of penal labor for his crime, with the court noting that ten days after he was aprehended, he was caught breaking into yet another house, showing that his robbing streak was something of a trend.

Neon Genesis Evangelion
(Photo: TV Asahi)

Neon Genesis Evangelion will be returning to the airwaves through Netflix next month on June 21st. The 26 episode anime series originally aired in Japan in October of 1995 and then ended its run in March 1996. Following the series, several films were created including the finale to the show titled End of Evangelion.

Neon Genesis Evangelion is a psychological drama by way of giant monster versus mech anime. The franchise debuted as a television series in 1995-1996 with two films following in 1997. Neon Genesis Evangelion: Death & Rebirth is an one-part drastically abridged retelling of the first 24 episodes of the television series, and one part new animation. The End of Evangelion, the second film, would incorporate some of Death & Rebirth's original animation and offer an alternate take on the original series' controversial final two episodes.

The series follows Shinji Ikari, who is recruited by his father to pilot the giant mech Evangelion in the fight against giant monsters known as Angels in the futuristic city of Tokyo-3. But Shinji is unwilling to bear this huge responsibility and is often conflicted about taking part in a war he was dragged into. This conflict of emotions leads to many introspective episodes that cover the range of religious, philosophical, and existential concepts.



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