Robotech Collector's Edition Review: A Big Bundle Made for Fanatics

You may not have heard Robotech mentioned in some time, but it is about time the series reentered your vocabulary. The 1985 anime might be dated for new anime fans, but the sci-fi franchise helped launch the medium in the United States. In the years since, Robotech's mech mash-up has been forgotten to some, but Funimation is eager to shine a light on the undeniable classic. And thanks to its collector's edition release, fans will be able to binge the best version of Robotech yet from their home.

First, let's set up the bundle in question. Funimation has made a full-blown collector's edition of Robotech that gives fans access to the anime on Blu-ray. The ambitious project was set in stone following the company's licensing agreement, and the thick bundle includes hours upon hours of bonus features.

(Photo: Funimation)

Upon opening the collector's edition kit, fans will notice the package's weathering. The classic Robotech is pronounced on the box, and the entire bundle is compact. As you open the box, you will find two exclusive figures including the VF-1S and Roy Fokker. The set also includes a set of patches themed to the anime and three Blu-ray cases filled with discs.

Now, the episodes themselves have been remastered, so the visuals are as colorful and crisp as ever. However, the show does retain its grainy look from the '80s. This will keep purists happy, but it is something to keep note of. All 85 episodes of Robotech's run are included in this bundle, and they're broken up into three separate sagas.

The biggest bonus of this bundle comes with its special features, and this is where collectors will geek out. Funimation has stacked more than seven hours of features into this piece with over an hour dedicated to deleted scenes alone. From the original Macross pilot to photos galleries and beyond, there are enough goodies in this bundle to keep old-school fans happy for hours on end.

Robotech Collector's Edition is a solidly built bundle that brings the anime to life in an all-new way. However, casual fans will need to consider the cost. At $250 USD, the item is a definite investment, and the bundle's perks are not going to entice everyone. The bundle's extras don't automatically outweigh the high buy-in. This niche release is very much geared towards diehard fans who want an inside look at the one-of-a-kind series. Robotech's robust special features are the clear draw of this release, and they're worth the cost if you consider this show to be one of your all-time favorites.

Want to check this bundle out for yourself? Robotech Collector's Edition is on sale now at Funimation for $249.98 with limited stock. You can find the release here and check out the anime's official synopsis below for more info:


"When an alien ship crashes in the South Pacific, humanity reverse-engineers its Robotechnology to build the warship SDF-1 and prepare for another assault. But the arrival of a new armada will kick off a generation-long war for both Earth and the cosmos!"