Ronda Rousey Is Down for Dragon Ball to Bring Back Cell and His Henchmen

Ronda Rousey knows how to fight, and she has proven as much with her career in UFC and WWE. Of course, there are plenty of pros out there who dream of becoming the best fighter, but none of them can live up to the standard Goku set in Dragon Ball Z. That does not mean Rousey can't try to emulate the Saiyan, and it turns out the fighter is rather keen on a certain villain from the anime staging a comeback.

Recently, Rousey took to Twitter to share a passing thought on Dragon Ball Z. It was there the fighter asked how different Cell Junior was from a Saibaman, and she admits she would like to see the gimmick make a comeback.

"Is [it] me or are the cybermen and cell juniors the same gimmick? Honestly I’d go for it a 3rd time. Who would your tiny henchmen be," Rousey asked followers.

When it comes to a Saibaman and Cell Junior, you have to look at their origins. Vegeta and Nappa hit up Earth with a group of Saibaman in tow because the humanoid creatures are grown by the race. Saiyan cultivated the fighters as they could be planted anywhere to fight in no time. Their accessibility and destructive attacks make them great henchmen for the Saiyans as they can attack targets while the Saiyans go after larger opponents.

As for Cell Junior, the creatures are literally copies of Cell as they are reproduced asexually by the baddie. Each mini-monster contained Cell's power and techniques, but it was often on a smaller scale. Still, these henchmen were very good at distracting the Z-Fighters, and fans have long wished for Cell to make a comeback.


It turns out Rousey would be fine with such a move, and there is room in Dragon Ball for Cell's comeback. He might have been obliterated back in the day, but the Dragon Ball Super manga confirmed there are Cell Junior living on the island Android 17 protects. If their genetic sequence was extracted, it is not impossible to believe Cell could make a comeback, so here's to hoping Rousey has her dream come true!

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