Dragon Ball Star Masako Nozawa Picks Between Broly and Goku Black

Masako Nozawa is known as the eternal voice of Son Goku, and it is hard to argue against such a title. The voice actress has played the Dragon Ball hero since day one, and she has carried the character for decades now. There are few people who know the Saiyan better than Nozawa does, so you can see why people listen whenever she gives her thoughts on the series. And as it turns out, the actress does have a preference between Broly and Goku Black.

Recently, Nozawa did an interview for Dragon Ball: Dokkan Battle as the game is celebrating its fifth anniversary. It was there the star was asked who she would rather see Goku fight again, and she had to pick between Goku Black and Broly.

As it turns out, the actress is way more interested in fighting Broly than the Dragon Ball Super villain.

"I'd have to say Broly. Bad guys are the yin to the good guys' yang, whether it's how they fight or how they think. So a matchup of complete opposites might be best I think," she said.


As you can see, Nozawa is pretty sure about her answer. She seems to think Broly is a better oppositional foe for Goku rather than Goku Black. This may sound counterintuitive when you consider that Goku Black is basically Villain!Goku, but Broly has his own merits. Broly as a total opposite move set from Goku which would give the hero an interesting fight. And at the end of the day, it seems Nozawa is pro-Broly, and there is nothing wrong with that.

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