'Sailor Moon' Art Turns Its Heroines Into Samurai Warriors

If there is one thing Sailor Moon fans know, it is that Usagi isn’t someone they want to mess [...]

If there is one thing Sailor Moon fans know, it is that Usagi isn't someone they want to mess with. Sure, the girl may look cute, but the Sailor Scout can be vicious when need be. Usagi is every bit as trained as Japan's heralded samurai were, and now fans can see what it would be like if the heroine took up the art.

After all, some new artwork has re-imagined Usagi and her Sailor Scouts as seriously badass samurai warriors.

Over on Facebook, the artist Chili Ferrets gave fans a new take on the shojo franchise with its innovative work. As you can see below, four of the Sailor Scouts were turned into feisty samurai, and the makeover is kinda-sorta perfect.

When it comes to Sailor Moon, the girl is given a total makeover. Her tiara has been replaced with an ornate headpiece which helps cover her iconic pigtails. Her bodice is cropped to bare her midriff, and it has a rather ornate collar to hold her Moon Crystal. As for her legs, Sailor Moon wears belted shorts with attached armoring and knee-high boots with crescent moon add-ons.

Oh, and Luna is seen perched on Sailor Moon's shoulder. You cannot overlook that detail.

Sailor Mercury also got a samurai makeover, and her's is more understated than the one Usagi received. The water-loving fighter has a streamline look that likens her more to a ninja. She has a white-and-blue fox mask, and her outfit is very tight. Sailor Mercury also has sandaled shoes on which extend well past her knees.

Of course, Sailor Mars looks plenty fierce with her outfit. The fighter has a more tradition Chinese piece on in this re-imagining as you can see by her collared top and bamboo hat. When paired with her throwing knives and ofuda, Sailor Mars looks like she is ready to blast you away.

Sailor Jupiter rounds out the makeover with her comfy look. With her hair pulled back, the fighter shows off her kinjutsu skills with a long sword. The Sailor Scout has a pink bandeau under a torn white top, and her flared green pants hug tight to her hips thanks to some tied pink rope.

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