Sailor Moon Star Shares Look at Anime's Historic First Script

Sailor Moon is one of the series fans say they keep coming back to, and a hoard of them are ready to binge again after a historic script from the anime resurfaced. The gift is all thanks to Kotono Mitsuishi, the voice actor of Usage Tsukino. The actress has overseen the heroine for years, and she decided it was time she gave fans a look at Sailor Moon's early days. After all, she found one of her earlier scripts from the anime, and it has a very memorable line.

Over on Twitter, Mitsuishi posted a picture for fans who are shelling in place amongst the pandemic. She found the script for the first ever episode of Sailor Moon. The historic script will nearly 30 years old at this point, but fans can still read its pages and how it introduces the phrase "Moon Prism Power."

Yes, this script is the birth of the magical saying. When people want to quote Sailor Moon, they often default to the phrase "Moon Prism Power" because that is how Usagi starts off her transformation.

The personal script which Mitsuishi has carried around for 28 years has the airdate of episode one on it. The date goes back to March 7, 1992. You can see all of the actress' notes on the script with certain directions highlighted in red. Sailor Moon fans were quick to translate the script to see what page Mitsuishi chose to share, and it didn't take long before they realiZed it showed Usagi trying out her famous line.

Of course, fans will remember the line. Luna has to teach Sailor Moon how to say the phrase so she can transform into a full-on Magical Girl. This phrase sparked a revolution which turned Usagi from an anime heroine into a bonafide icon, and there's no telling what diehard fans would give to hold a piece of history such as this.


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