Sanrio Stirs Controversial with a Shocking My Melody Stunt

It wouldn't be unfair to call Hello Kitty one of the most recognizable characters to come from Japan. The kawaii figure has fans all over the world, and Sanrio has paired the kitty with all sorts of friends. In fact, mascots like My Melody have become huge hits in their own right, but now a recent stunt has the Hello Kitty fandom scratching their heads over the bunny. 

As reported by Sora News 24, the whole thing came to light thanks to My Melody's mom. If you did not know, the character does have a mother, and they were introduced in the 2000s thanks to the My Melody anime. Now, the fashion brand Its'Demo is reviving the mother with some clothing. The pieces will feature sayings from My Melody's mother, and well – some of them are downright awful.

You can read the full list of sayings below, but fans have already made it a priority to call out the worst tidbits. While some are perfectly fine, others are being slammed online for being misogynistic and even stereotypical, all things which Hello Kitty wants to steer clear of.

For instance, one of the Sanrio slogans reads, "The enemy of women is always other women," while others say, "The worse a man is, the more women can't leave him alone." There are others that then shame men by saying any man who talks about their past has no hope for the future. Or if a boy ever says they will do something one day, a different slogan tells women that the goal will never be reached.

Obviously, that kind of advice is pretty harmful, and fans over in Japan and the United States are pushing back on the line. My Melody doesn't seem like the kind of mascot who'd approve of these ideas, so fans are making their voices heard. So if all goes well, maybe these controversial slogans will be taken out of the line entirely.

Full List of My Melody Collection Slogans:

  1. "Getting a man who mopes after one or two failures will leave you with a lifetime of regret."
  2. "When a boy talks to you about other girls, it's just his clumsy way of getting you to pay attention to him."
  3. "The enemy of women is always other women."
  4. "People always have things to complain about others' relationships."
  5. "The more a man talks about the past, the less hope he has for the future."
  6. "The best Band-Aid for a broken heart is finding a new love."
  7. "The worse a man is, the more women can't leave him alone."
  8. "Those not in relationships always worry about others' relationships the most."
  9. "A woman's heart is more fickle than the autumn sky."
  10. "Never believe a boy when he says 'I'm gonna do that someday,' because he won't."
  11. "Nothing affects a man more than when his pride takes a hit."

"If you're testing out someone new, meet them over lunch, never dinner."What do you think of this strange Sanrio controversy? Which of Hello Kitty's friends is your favorite? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.