Hello Kitty x Gundam Launches New Merch

Hello Kitty is set to dive into the dark world of Attack On Titan with an upcoming crossover, joining the albino cat's crossovers with anime franchises such as Stein's Gate and My Hero Academia, but one of the biggest crossovers for Sanrio's paramount character is with the world of Mobile Suit: Gundam. Now, new merchandise is being created for the bizarre team-up wherein Hello Kitty hit the stars and fought against the original mobile suit and its pilot Amuro in a crossover that is still considered one of the weirdest in the medium of anime to date.

The crossover didn't just give us plenty of merchandise that saw a fusion between Sanrio's popular feline and the most recognizable mech suit in the medium of anime but also gave us a series of shorts that saw the cat taking to the heavens, growing many times her own size, and battling against the mobile suit. Consisting of three episodes starting in 2019, it was released as a collaboration to help celebrate both the fortieth anniversary of Mobile Suit: Gundam and the forty-fifth anniversary of Hello Kitty respectively, bringing to life a battle that few ever expected when it comes to the medium of anime. 

A new Hello Kitty and Gundam fusion Fig Pin has been shown by Big Bad Toy Store, which retails for around $20 USD and sees the albino feline being fused with the Gun Tank of the Mobile Suit: Gundam anime franchise for a pre-order that is set to arrive for fans of both series this December:

(Photo: Big Bad Toy Store)

The official description of this Gundam Hello Kitty fusion reads as such:

"Each Gundam x Sanrio FiGPiN has been crafted in cast zinc alloy inlaid with hard enamel and finished with an electroplated nickel coating. All FiGPiNS include a unique alphanumeric serial number laser engraved on the back, making every single one uniquely yours."

While there aren't any new anime plans currently that are seeking to bring together these two monoliths of the anime industry, it seems as if Hello Kitty is making the rounds with some bizarre team-ups. 

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