Hello Kitty to Launch First-Ever NFTs

When it comes to fine art and collectibles, well – the world of NFT trading has become nigh unavoidable. If you did not know, the digital marketplace is teeming with content, and some pieces can sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars. When IPs get into the game, all bets are off, and now Hello Kitty is about to get into the NFT game.

The announcement comes from RECUR, a company specializing in digital collectibles and their sales. It put out a statement confirming the imminent arrival of Hello Kitty NFTs, so collectors are hyped for the drop. And if you want to get in on the sale, they are slated to drop in early 2022.

"RECUR is thrilled to create a bespoke experience for Hello Kitty fans, some of the most engaged and dedicated fans in the world, to buy, collect and trade Hello Kitty NFTs as digital products and collectibles. RECUR is eco-friendly and blockchain agnostic, ultimately enabling the Hello Kitty NFTs to be interoperable across chains. The Hello Kitty experience and NFTs will be available beginning in Q1 of 2022," RECUR shared in a new statement.

"To explore this new and innovative business is for us a big challenge. For Sanrio, stepping into the NFT space adds a new way of being part of contemporary culture and provides our fans a new way to enjoy our brand," Silvia Figini, the COO of Sanrio Worldwide shared. The franchise's upcoming entry into NFT is expected to make quite a splash, and it is hardly surprising as to why. Kawaii culture is big online, and NFT collectors are down to dabble with anything Hello Kitty.

At this time, there is no word on what NFTs will be available. The pieces could be videos or stills for all we know. RECUR hopes the upcoming drop will give fans the chance to embrace NFTs in a new way, so newcomers have some time to explore the culture before diving in to this sale. 

Do you have any interest in this new line of NFTs? Or should Hello Kitty back away from the controversial trend? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.