Shaman King and Ghostbusters Are Teaming Up for a Special Collab

Last year, the world of Ghostbusters was expanded upon by bringing together the old generation and the new via Ghostbusters: Afterlife, and it seems that the film, which has yet to arrive in Japan, has gotten a unique crossover with the supernatural series known as Shaman King. With the anime franchise recently receiving a new rebooted series thanks to Netflix, it seems that the cast will have a hand in the upcoming ghost-busting film and have created a special collaboration to get fans in the spirit of the movie. 

Shaman King's newest reboot has given fans dozens of episodes that revisit the life of Yoh Asakura who is looking to win the titular role by gathering spectres and training in his supernatural abilities. First hitting the scene as a manga in the pages of Weekly Shonen Jump in 1998, the series might not have hit the same levels as some of its companions in the publication like Dragon Ball, Bleach, and One Piece to name a few, but it certainly carved out a dedicated fanbase that have jumped into the latest series. With no signs of stopping yet, the reboot is using modern animation to go over the story of Asakura once again.

The Official Ghostbusters Twitter Account of Japan shared the new video that sees the cast of Shaman King breaking down some of the details of the latest ghost busting movie, which has yet to officially hit theaters in Japan but is planned to do so next month:

While the Ghostbusters themselves are no stranger to the world of animation, there has never been an official anime that dove into the world of the busters that helped save the world from Zuul and the Stay Puft Marshmellow Man. This collaboration might not be a crossover that sees the characters from the film franchise and Shaman King meeting one another in a supernatural story, but they definitely both seem tailor-made to interact should that happen in the future.

What do you think of this supernatural crossover? Do you think that Ray, Venkman, Egon, and Winston would fit into the world of the Shaman Fight Tournament? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the world of the supernatural.