'Cowboy Bebop' Director Reportedly Announces His New Anime

If there’s one anime director out there who fans revere, it would be Shinichiro Watanabe. The [...]

If there's one anime director out there who fans revere, it would be Shinichiro Watanabe. The creator is the one who brought series like Cowboy Bebop and Samurai Champloo to life, and it seems Watanabe has another project in the works.

Over the weekend, Watanabe headed to Australia to attend the Madman Anime Festival in Melbourne. The director was the event's Guest of Honor, and it was during a panel that Watanabe reportedly told his fans he is working on a new anime project.

According to attendee reports, the director told fans he's developing an anime focused on music with Studio Bones right now. No other details about the project have been discussed publicly as of yet, but fans are hoping they will hear something about Watanabe's new project soon.

It has been some time since the director brought Cowboy Bebop to life, but Watanabe has stayed busy. His last project debuted in 2014 when the anime series Terror in Resonance premiered. The thrilling anime followed two boys as they promised to wreak havoc on Tokyo following a deadly terrorist attack. The anonymous pair become the faces for a radical group known as Sphinx, but their plans are complicated when a girl named Lisa Mishima learns of their plans.

With a series of hits under his belt, Watanabe has the anime fandom buzzing about his upcoming project. The director would only stress that music plays a large part in the anime, but Watanabe has always used music purposefully in his projects. Cowboy Bebop began the trend with its stylized use of 1940s jazz music while Samurai Champloo heavily used hip-hop. Terror in Resonance turned to rock music to set its mood, so there is no telling what genre Watanabe is listening to these days for his newest work.