SK8 Anime Goes Viral After Debut One of the Best Dub Lines Ever

Earlier this year, fans were introduced to a special kind of anime, and it seems like SK8 the Infinity has become a phenomenon. The sports series has drawn tons of attention thanks to its smooth animation, cute boys, and bromance. And now, it seems the English dub has sent the anime viral all thanks to a clever line.

The moment comes from the official English dub of SK8 the Infinity, and it is a true blessing. You can find the clip below as it was shared over on Twitter by kaegozho. The reel shows a familiar skater pop up on screen before giving one of the best lines in dub history.

As you can hear, Adam (otherwise known as Ainosuke Shindo) welcomes guests to his event with a rousing greeting. In fact, he refers to everyone as, "b-tches, bros, and non-binary hoes" before telling them they are welcome. After all, the founder of S isn't about to deny anyone entry to the games based on their gender, and this SK8 the Infinity dub has gone viral for its solid delivery.

As for how it happened, well - dub director Kyle Phillips had some info to share in that area. As it turns out, voice actor David Wald is to thank for this eccentric line. "Leah is doing a fantastic job writing these scripts, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t say that full credit for that line goes to the voice of Adam himself," he shared with a nod to Wald.


Clearly, SK8 the Infinity is relishing in some fun moments, and its dub is a great one for newcomers to check out. So if you have yet to watch it, well - we think it is time you were introduced!

Is this one of the best-dubbed lines you've heard before? Or is there another out there that takes the cake? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.