Solo Leveling Sparks Anime Rumors with OST Teaser

Manga has been dominating the graphic novel scene for years now, and it seems like its influence is blowing up other markets around the world. Over in South Korea, its manhwa market is red hot, and series such as Solo Leveling reign supreme in sales. However, today marks the web-toon's end, and fans of Solo Leveling are reeling from the finale. But thanks to a little teaser, well – it seems rumors of an anime adaptation are swirling.  

The update went live today courtesy of D&C Webtoon, the publisher behind Solo Leveling. The brand took to Twitter to share a clip of the OST being made for Solo Leveling. The K-pop group The Boyz will be making the new track, but for now, most fans are caught up about the teaser itself.

After all, Solo Leveling got its own animation here. Studio Mir has shown the world what the series could look like on-screen, and Solo Leveling definitely has what it takes to make a breakout anime.

The clip above proves the South Korean manhwa has all the right pieces of a hit. Loaded with charismatic heroes, Solo Leveling is filled with supernatural battles and high stakes that any shonen lover would eat up. And if you watch a lot of anime, you will know several manhwa titles have been adapted to great success. The God of High School and Tower of God are just two to name so far. So if Solo Leveling wants to take things up a notch, a full-on anime would do the trick.

For now, it seems Solo Leveling is content staying on the page, but the IP is game to branch out under the right circumstances. So far, a video game adaptation of the series is being developed alongside a live-action TV drama. If these go well, we'll cross our fingers for an anime order because Solo Leveling is all but begging for its shot. 

What do you think of this Solo Leveling teaser? Do you think the series needs its own full-blown anime? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.