Sonic Frontiers Gets a '90s Anime Makeover in New Poster

Sonic Frontiers is out now, and the open-world game is giving fans a totally different look at Sonic the Hedgehog. With Sega on their side, Sonic's latest mission takes him on a wild adventure through the Starfall Islands in order to collect the Chaos Emeralds. With Doctor Eggman on the loose, Sonic Frontiers has one of the most robust stories of anime game in the IP, and one artist decided it was only right to give it an anime makeover.

Over on Twitter, the artist RadDreamcaster got things moving when they posted a bit of fan art for Sonic Frontiers. It was there they gave the series a '90s anime makeover, and honestly? If this is what Sega would give us, fans would be begging for Sonic OVAs on the regular.

Sonic the (Anime) Hedgehog

As you can see above, the artwork gives Sonic and his team a traditional makeover. Complete with grainy textures and a flat palette, this anime makeover looks like it was pulled straight from the early '90s. This is the kind of art Ghost in the Shell and Ranma 1/2 fans love to see. And now, Sega fans admit the aesthetic suits Sonic rather well.

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Of course, Sonic the Hedgehog is no stranger to the world of anime. In 2003, Sonic X was released, and the series went on for three years under TMS Entertainment. Sadly, its ratings floundered in Japan though international audiences ate the show up. And before that, Sonic the Hedgehog was given an actual OVA in 1996 by Studio Pierrot. It is harder to find copies of this OVA to watch, but if you sneak a peek, you can see this Sonic special has a bit in common with RadDreamcaster's imagining. So if Sega wants to give fans another Sonic series, they will want to keep this fan artist in mind!


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