Star Wars Vision Studio Responds to Recent Report Chiding Its Work Conditions

Star Wars: Visions will be the first time that the science-fiction franchise created by George [...]

Star Wars: Visions will be the first time that the science-fiction franchise created by George Lucas will be dipping its toes into the realm of anime, with the series being composed by a number of different animation studios and set to arrive on Disney+ this fall. However, all that glitters isn't gold as one of the studios responsible for the upcoming anthology series has recently run into some controversy as one animator revealed a number of disturbing details in which bad practices and rampant crunch was instituted, gaining a lot of attention for Science Saru.

Science Saru is a studio that has worked on some major anime projects in the past including the likes of Devilman Crybaby, Space Dandy, Ride Your Wave, and Japan Sinks to name a few. However, one animator for the animation house recently talked with Anime News Network, Joan Chung, discussing some of the harsh work conditions of the company:

"I have some horror stories from this studio, which are thankfully fewer than some of SARU's competitors. But – and this is a big one for me – a studio should not have its twenty-something girls crying in the bathroom, doing all-nighters. Neither should it have a production schedule that is so tight that it is unable to accommodate the mental health of the aforementioned production manager. I had to speak on her behalf to her supervisor and the CEO – and though they responded compassionately, practically there could not be much change. A culture with this much production pressure necessitated the long hours."

In a recent update via her Twitter Account, Chung noted that the Non-Disclosure Agreement that she had signed with the company was still in effect and Science Saru had apparently responded:

Science Saru will be tackling two new entries for the upcoming Star Wars anthology, titled Akakirir and T0-B1 respectively.