New 'Steven Universe' Teaser Promises Answers, Hints at Diamond-Centric Arc

Cartoon Network posted a new teaser this morning for the upcoming Steven Universe arc that promises "[t]he answers you've been waiting for." In other words: what happened with the Diamonds?

In the short video, which begins with a group shot of Yellow Diamond, Blue Diamond, Pink Diamond, and White Diamond, various planets and moons can be seen in succession, each with a colored diamond appearing in the middle of it. At the end, a pink hand reaches down to what appears to be the Earth and the Moon, claiming each for Pink Diamond. "APRIL 9" appears on the screen during all of this.

You can check out Cartoon Network's tweet below:

Additionally, a press release from Cartoon Network earlier today had indicated that the show would return in 2018 "with three all-new, action-packed story arcs." It also stated that Steven and the rest would "face internal and external battles unlike any they have ever encountered," with the first arc set to premiere in April.

Put all of this together, and it seems very much like the new Steven Universe arc is finally going to explore exactly how Pink Diamond came to rule the Earth and Moon, and potentially what happened after. This is a backstory that shapes much of what's happened in the entire series so far, but it's only ever been hinted at or approached at an angle. If the teaser is taken entirely at face value, this would be our first time learning so much about the various Diamonds.


Some questions that could be answered include: why did Pink Diamond seemingly only have the Earth and the Moon? Who really shattered her? How did the war with the rebels on Earth begin and conclude? Was Yellow Diamond (or possibly White Diamond) somehow involved in all of this?

We'll just have to wait for Steven Universe to return to Cartoon Network on April 9th.