Studio Ghibli Star Ends Hiatus Following Medical Leave

Studio Ghibli has been on a lot of watch lists thanks in part to the legendary animation studio's library arriving for the first time in its near entirety on HBO Max, and it seems as though one of the voice actors responsible for bringing to life the story of When Marnie Was There has returned to acting once again following a medical hiatus. Mark Ishii performed as Sayaka's brother in the recent movie from the studio that is headed by Hayao Miyazaki, helping to fill out the cast for one of the films that was nominated for an Academy Award.

Ishii was hospitalized in December of last year for being in "poor physical health" but is looking to return to his career of bringing anime characters to life. Lending his talents to the likes of Ace Attorney: Phoenix Wright, the Gundam franchise, and Haikyu!!, the young actor definitely is looking to have a big career ahead of him. With Studio Ghibli creating intense, three dimensional characters, the animation house certainly has given their voice actors some meat on the bone when it comes to bringing some of their biggest characters to life.

When Marnie Was There
(Photo: Studio Ghibli)

Studio Ghibli isn't being too hampered by the coronavirus pandemic, still slated to release its upcoming first computer generated animated film in Earwig and the Witch, set to release later this year. With the Studio's arrival onto HBO Max and a real life amusement park in the works for a 2022 release in Japan, the legendary anime studio certainly has a bright future ahead of it and we're hoping that Ishii will be involved in projects with the studio moving forward.

The official description for When Marnie Was There reads as such:

"Suffering from frequent asthma attacks, young Anna Sasaki is quiet, unsociable, and isolated from her peers, causing her foster parent endless worry. Upon recommendation by the doctor, Anna is sent to the countryside, in hope that the cleaner air and more relaxing lifestyle will improve her health and help clear her mind. Engaging in her passion for sketching, Anna spends her summer days living with her aunt and uncle in a small town near the sea."


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