Studio Ghibli's The Boy and the Heron Trailer Released

Studio Ghibli has released its first English trailer for The Boy and the Heron by director Hayao Miyazaki.

Are you ready to watch Studio Ghibli's new film? Back in July, the world was treated to a first look at The Boy and the Heron, the mysterious movie director Hayao Miyazaki left retirement to work on. The launch was met with impressive hype despite The Boy and the Heron having little to no promotions. However, that has all changed today as Studio Ghibli's first trailer for The Boy and the Heron has gone live ahead of its global debut.

The trailer showcases some of Miyazaki's gorgeous new movie, and netizens are already obsessed. From its gorgeous scenery to its fantastical leads, Studio Ghibli's The Boy and the Heron looks stunning. At this point, no word has gone live about when this flick will hit theaters in North America for a full run, but GKIDS is planning a release.

Of course, we do know a little bit about the film's global launch. The movie has been selected for several international film festivals including major ones in Toronto and Spain. The New York International Film Festival will also screen Miyazaki's final feature film. With these premieres on the horizon, fans are hoping The Boy and the Heron hits theaters in the United States sooner rather than later, so we're keeping our fingers crossed.

If you are not familiar with The Boy and the Heron, the project was first announced in 2017 several years after Miyazaki went into retirement. At first, Studio Ghibli hoped The Boy and the Heron would be finished by 2021, but Miyazaki stressed the feature would take more time later on. Following additional delays by the COVID-19 pandemic, The Boy and the Heron finished production earlier this year under Miyazaki's careful watch. Now, the movie has gone live in Japan to high praise, so Studio Ghibli lovers won't want to miss this movie when it hits theaters near them. 

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