Super Dragon Ball Heroes Reveals Fu's Terrible Plans

One of the more interesting aspects of Super Dragon Ball Heroes' promotional anime series was the [...]

One of the more interesting aspects of Super Dragon Ball Heroes' promotional anime series was the evil scientist Fu who kicked things off by trapping Future Trunks in the Prison Planet. He might have taken a backseat as that first season continued, but he'll be the central villain for the second season adapting the newest Big Bang Mission story expansion for the original arcade game. After revealing his surprisingly tragic back story in a previous episode, the first episode of the newest season for the promotional anime series teases he'll be at the center of a plan to wipe out the multiverse.

As noted by @lightning446 on Twitter, the newest guidebook fo Super Dragon Ball Heroes clues us in to how that plan will actually play out as it reveals that Fu will be using the bird of destruction Dogi Dogi (which will gather energy from the 12 universes), that formerly belonged to the Dark King Mechikabura, to complete his plan.

Episode 2 of Super Dragon Ball Heroes' second season is currently scheduled to debut on April 9th, and is titled "Fu's Plan! The Threat of the Fearsome Universe Tree!" The synopsis for the episode reads as such, "Goku and Co. confront Beerus in an all-out war, but they're nothing before his huge power. In the tense atmosphere, Goku: Xeno and Co. appear. After being told by them, Goku and co. look up and see that the roots of a huge tree have covered the sky, and Fu is with a 'black bird.'"

With this being the only form of animated Dragon Ball for now, many of these fun ideas would be great to bring into the series' official canon should the main series ever come back. But until then, it's not a bad way to tide things over.

What are you hoping to see in Super Dragon Ball Heroes Season 2? What did you think of the first season of the promotional series? Wondering what Fu will do to accomplish his evil deeds? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or talk to me directly about all things anime and other cool things @Valdezology on Twitter!