'The Dragon Prince' Trailer Released by Netflix

Netflix has released a new trailer for The Dragon Prince, revealing some new details about the animated series' plot.

Based on the trailer, it seems that the young heroes of The Dragon Prince will be tasked with returning the egg of the heir to the Dragon King in time to stop a war between humans and elves.

Watch the trailer for yourself above.

The Dragon Prince is created by Aaron Ehasz, who was the head writer on Avatar: The Last Airbender and also worked on Futurama, and Justin Richmond.

Here’s the series description released by Netflix:

“In the magical land of Xadia, magic comes from six primal sources: the Sun, the Moon, the Stars, the Sky, the Earth and the Ocean. But when human mages create a seventh kind of magic, Dark Magic — they begin capturing and harvesting the unique magical creatures they need as ingredients. This sparks a catastrophic war between Xadia and the Human Kingdoms. Three kids from opposite sides of the conflict — two human princes, and the elven assassin who was sent to kill them — discover a secret that could change everything. They decide to join forces and go on an epic journey that may be their only hope of ending the war, and restoring peace to both their worlds.”

As some fans have noted in the YouTube comments, there is definitely an Avatar: The Last Airbender feel to this trailer.

Netflix has been aggressive about pursuing new content for its streaming content, including new animated series and anime. In addition to The Dragon Prince, Netflix is also preparing another season of Voltron: Legendary Defender. The animated adaptation of beloved video game series Castlevania was also renewed for a second season, as was the quirky series Aggretsuko.

Another creative alum of the Avatar universe, Legend of Korra's LeSean Thomas, will also be bringing a new series to Netflix soon in the form of an anime adaptation of his comic book series Cannon Busters.


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The Dragon Prince Season One will be released in full on September 14th.