The Elusive Samurai Drops Brand-New Trailer: Watch

The Elusive Samurai will premiere on July 6.

It won't be long until The Elusive Samurai makes its anime debut. On July 6, the world will get to see Yusei Matsui's latest series in a whole new light. CloverWorks will step out with The Elusive Samurai season one in just over two weeks, and now, we have been given a new trailer to celebrate its release.

As you can see below, the new trailer for The Elusive Samurai puts the anime's lead center stage. The reel introduces us to Hojo Tokiyuki, a young boy who escapes death after his family is overthrown. Gifted with a powerful ability to conceal himself, Hojo sets out on a journey with a ragtag group to redeem his family, but things are never easy when you're a samurai on the run.

Currently, The Elusive Samurai is slated to debut in Japan on July 6 courtesy of Tokyo MX. Given anime's global rise, there is little doubt the show has landed itself a streaming partner at this point. The summer season is just a week away, and fans are already clamoring for the first episode of The Elusive Samurai.

If you are not familiar with the historical thriller, the story is headed up by Yusei Matsui, the creator of Assassination Classroom. The story began under Shueisha in January 2021, and it has become a hit with readers across the globe. You can find the manga on the Shonen Jump app as well as Manga Plus. So for those wanting more info on The Elusive Samurai, you can read its official synopsis below:

"In medieval Japan, eight-year-old Hojo Tokiyuki is the heir to the Kamakura shogunate. But the Hojo clan is in decline, and Tokiyuki's peaceful days of playing hide-and-seek with his teachers come to an abrupt end when his clan is betrayed from within. The lone survivor of his family, Tokiyuki is the rightful heir to the throne, but to take it back, he'll have to do what he does best-run away!"

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