The God of High School Teases Mira v Miseon in Episode 3 Clip

Crunchyroll and Webtoon's The God of High School has been the standout new anime hit of the Summer 2020 anime season with only two episodes under its belt, and now the third episode looks to keep the action strong with a fight between Yu Mira and Mah Miseon. After the first two episodes of the series showed off some strong fighting skills from many of the characters, the solo rounds of the God of High School tournament are set to continue after Jin Mori's big disqualification. Now Crunchyroll has given us a peek into what's to come!

Crunchyroll has shared a brand new preview clip for the third episode of the series, and it teases much more of the strength Mah Miseon is bringing to the tournament as a pro wrestling champion from the West. Although Mira is fighting to bring more students to her dojo, it won't mean much if she can't win this next fight. You can check out the preview clip in the video above from Crunchyroll!

The God of High School Episode 3 is titled "wisdom/kingdom" and Crunchyroll officially describes the episode as such, "Mira faces off against WWD women's pro wrestler Mah Miseon, but her sword fighting can't keep up with Miseon's well-built body and overwhelming strength."As for Mori's wherabouts following his disqualification from the tournament in the second episode? The rest of the synopsis teases what he'll be up to in order to try and make it back into the tournament:

"Mori faces the risk of being disqualified from the tournament after interfering with the match between Gang Manseok and Go Gamdo. Park Mujin, a National Assembly member and God of High School's sponsor, tells Mori that if he can defeat Commissioner Q in a match, he will be allowed to return to the tournament. Meanwhile, as regional preliminaries continue across Korea, a secretive organization schemes behind the scenes. The 'key' to fulfilling their desires turns out to be..."


Are you excited for the next The God of High School episode? What did you think of the first two episodes of the series so far? Have you checked out the original Webtoon release, and if so, what are you hoping to see before the season ends? Let us know your thoughts in the comments, or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!