The God of High School Surprises with Robert Downey Jr Cameo

Robert Downey Jr. fans have been looking to see what's to come next from the star, but they were certainly taken by surprise with his sudden cameo as President of the United States in The God of High School's anime adaptation. After a hyped premiere that set the Internet on fire, The God of High School recently debuted its second episode that started with a surprise check in on the United States and how they are handling the giant hand imprint left by a mysterious force in the series' premiere episode.

Fans of Yongje Park's original webcomic might remember that Barack Obama was initially depicted as the President of the United States (reflecting how the original first debuted ten or so years ago), but that's changed with the anime because now the President looks like famous Marvel Cinematic Universe alum, Robert Downey Jr.

Revealing in a special interview with Crunchyroll about this change, it turns out that this likeness ended up being fully intentional as the director behind the anime adaptation steered into the fact that their replacement for the President looked like Robert Downey Jr. and just went all in on making it as close to the former Iron Man star as possible.

Director behind the anime, Sunghoo Park, discussed the changes and while Obama won't be appearing as the President, the current United States President was not considered an alternative either as there was an intention to create a character "With sort of the air of an American president," so they made their own. Park noted that when designing the character, the likeness just sort of happened, "It sort of… ended up just being Robert Downey Jr."

As for the voice, a funny bit of connection between this anime version and the real Robert Downey Jr. is that he's played by the former voice behind Tony Stark in the Iron Man anime released years back, the now unfortunately departed Keiji Fujiwara. As for what original creator Park thinks about this shift, he's all for it, "I think Robert Downey Jr. matches the image of a strong U.S. president portrayed in the comic, so I think it's a great match!"


Did this Robert Downey Jr. catch you by surprise in The God of High School? Would Tony Stark make a good President in The God of High School's world? Is it a better cameo than the alternative? Let us know your thoughts in the comments, or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!

via Crunchyroll