The Venture Bros.: The Complete Series Box Set Announced

The Venture Bros.: The Complete Series is coming from Warner Bros. Discovery Home Entertainment. On June 20, 2023, fans can pile in to see all 82 episodes from across the series' run. The Venture Bros. is one of adult swim's most beloved shows and fans will be leaping at the chance to buy this massive box set on digital or DVD to add to their collections. Some viewers might opt for the digital version as it comes in at $79.99 in the United States and Canada. Meanwhile, the physical media afficianados will likely spring for the DVD version for $134.99 (Which comes down to $129.99 in Canada, Check out the box art down below1

Warner Bros. teases what's included in the complete Venture Bros. box set: "For the first time in the history of the world, every single episode of The Venture Bros. ever created! Stuffed full of your favorite evil nemeses, and larger-than-life heroes, plus a few smaller-than-life ones. It's never not a great time to watch your favorite episode from any season, followed by any other episode from any other season. From "Dia de los Dangerous" to "The Saphrax Protocol" it's all in one place!"

(Photo: Warner Bros. Discovery Home Entertainment)

"It's the Complete Series Venture Bros. Box Set, twenty years in the making. Including all the bonus materials that have been lovingly created over the years, and carefully curated for you now."

Who Stars In The Venture Bros.?

As longtime fans of the series will note, a lot of these voice actors have been around since the early days. With a resolution on the near horizon, hype is building for a return again. The Venture Bros. features: "James Urbaniak as Dr. Thaddeus "Rusty" Venture, Christopher McCulloch as Hank, Michael Sinterniklaas as Dean Venture, Patrick Warburton as Brock Samson, and Paul Boocock as Dr. Venture's deceased father, Dr. Jonas. The series was created by Chris McCulloch and Doc Hammer for Adult Swim's late night programming block."

"The Venture Bros. originally premiered on August 7, 2004, and ran for 7 seasons winning numerous awards including Best Animated TV Series Award at Cineme 2003, the Chicago International Animated Film Festival."

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