Toei Animation Opening New 'Dragon Ball' Anime Division

Yes, Dragon Ball Super may have rolled out its final episode this month, but it looks like the [...]

Yes, Dragon Ball Super may have rolled out its final episode this month, but it looks like the franchise is far from done. According to new reports, Toei Animation is opening a department that focuses solely on the massive franchise, and it sounds like the division has a lot of work to do.

Starting April 1, Toei will begin restructuring various departments. The full-on report confirms a number of divisions will be altered, but a brand-new group will be formed to work on all things Dragon Ball. A department under Toei's Anime Planning and Production Headquarters is being formed, and its main focus will be Dragon Ball-related projects. Atsushi Suzuki will head up the division while retaining his current executive titles (via ANN).

This new division is not the only one being planned. The Television Planning group is being renamed the Planning Division Department. The group will continue work on developing television anime. Takashi Washio will remain the department's head but will step away from his gig at the company's Film Office.

As for the second group, the Video Planning Department will get a new name but keep working on CG animation. Kouichi Noguichi will stay on to oversee the rebranded department.

For fans of Dragon Ball, this update is a welcome one, and it gives credence to some all-but-confirmed rumors. The new Dragon Ball department is a very good sign that Toei has plans to continue the franchise's anime for a long time and with immediacy. Its latest TV show may have come to a close, but creator Akira Toriyama confirmed Dragon Ball Super will continue via film. This December will welcome the title's first canonical feature, and the cast of Dragon Ball Super have all said they believe the franchise will get a new serial soon enough. And, with a division like this backing up Son Goku, then Dragon Ball may be heading for a full-on anime expansion in the next year or so.

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