Tokyo Ghoul: Reasoning Behind Season 3 Delay Reportedly Revealed

It has been more than two years since Tokyo Ghoul produced any new anime, and fans of the series are getting nervous. The beloved horror-action franchise has found a loyal fanbase with international fans, but many of Tokyo Ghouls viewers have been less-than-happy with its anime legacy. The show's second season was received poorly by both fans and critics, leading some to wonder if a third season could ever come about. At this point, a third season of Tokyo Ghoul has never been spoke of officially, but it seems there may be hope for the anime's future after all.

Recently, reports began to surface which claimed to detail the reasoning behind Studio Pierrot's holdback on Tokyo Ghoul. As first reported by Saiko Plus, it seems that Tokyo Ghouls anime has been pushed aside for a few reasons. However, the most prominent issues stem from a lack of direction and a certain live-action movie.

According to the report, Studio Pierrot is hesitant to pursue further stories for Tokyo Ghoul due to season two's rocky reception. Fans criticized the show's pacing, characterization, and liberal timeline tweaking. So far, Tokyo Ghoul has only adapted Sui Ishida's manga to about chapter 66. There are currently over 120 chapters of the story left to source from with more set to be published soon. So, if Studio Pierrot wants to make right with fans, it can do a deep dive back into Ishida's story.

However, the biggest conflict keeping Studio Pierrot and Tokyo Ghoul's overseers from a third season is a live-action movie. This summer, Tokyo Ghoulwill get its first live-action take. The movie recently showed off its first trailer, and fans have had mixed reactions over the footage. Until the movie debuts, it seems likely that Tokyo Ghoul's anime future will be put on the back-burner. If a third season were to be announced, the reveal would overshadow Tokyo Ghoul's live-action debut, and it seems like executives want the film to do well. After all, plans for a sequel were accidentally leaked to the public a few months back.

If you are unfamiliar with Tokyo Ghoul, Viz Media describes the story below:

"Ghouls live among us,​ the same as normal people in every way - except their craving for human flesh.​ Shy Ken Kaneki is thrilled to go on a date with the beautiful Rize.​ But it turns out that she's only interested in his body - eating it,​ that is.​ When a morally questionable rescue transforms him into the first half-human half-Ghoul hybrid,​ Ken is drawn into the dark and violent world of Ghouls,​ which exists alongside our own.​"

(Photo: Pierrot )

The series debuted in September 2011 thanks to mangaka Sui Ishida. Weekly Young Jump first published the manga before it was adapted into an anime series by Pierrot. The anime premiered in July 2014 before a second season ran in January 2015. A third season has yet to be announced by any party.


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