Tokyo Godfathers Introduces New English Dub Cast

Tokyo Godfathers may not be on the same level as stand alone anime films such as Akira or Princess [...]

Tokyo Godfathers may not be on the same level as stand alone anime films such as Akira or Princess Mononoke, but the anime classic was received to critical acclaim when it first debuted in 2003. Now, the company that brought Weathering With You And Ride Your Wave to North America, has announced a brand new English dub cast for the release of the updated version which will be hitting theaters for a special one night event! Fathom Events will be playing the new dubbed version as part of a special event on March 11th with a screening of the subbed version to be released on March 9th!

Tokyo Godfathers follows the story of three homeless characters during the holiday season as they attempt to figure out what to do when they find a newborn baby. As they try to find the baby's mother, they undergo a series of misunderstandings and life or death scenarios that made the anime a classic tale, sitting among some of the medium's best films.

GKIDs shared the announcement via their Official Twitter Account that Gin, Myuki, and Hana would be getting a new English dub, which would be premiering thanks to a one night special event with Fathom, which has helped numerous anime films find their way into theaters across North America:

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The official description for Tokyo Godfathers reads as such:

"It's Christmas Eve and three homeless friends have experienced their own Christmas miracle: while rummaging in a dump for a Christmas present, they discover a newborn baby. Despite having nothing, the three take the baby in and name her Kiyoko, meaning Pure One. They embark in search of Kiyoko's mother, based on the little they know about her from her meager belongings. But the night is young, and the city is vast. Before they know it, these three become entangled in a series of events including kidnapping, death, and a mysterious red envelope."