Tokyo Revengers Teases the Manga's New Side Story

Tokyo Revengers came onto the anime scene this year, and it stands as one of the biggest hits in 2021. The popular manga pulled its fans together ahead of season one, and now, there are thousands upon thousands of new fans in the ranks. Of course, this means creator Ken Wakui has a lot to juggle these days, and he is adding to his work pile with a special side story.

If a new report is true, then it seems Tokyo Revengers has a special in the works. Pages like MangaMoguraRE hit up Twitter to share the news with followers. According to the report, a special chapter for Tokyo Revengers is going live this week, and it will shift its focus from Takemichi Hanagaki.

The report suggests Tokyo Revengers: Side Chapter Zero will help flesh out the series, and it will go live on October 6th. The update will be published in Weekly Shonen Magazine, but when it comes to plot, things are still hazy. No story details have surfaced about this side chapter, but readers are eager to eat it up regardless

This addition hardly comes as a surprise when you look at how popular Tokyo Revengers is right now. Not only did the anime close last month with its season one finale, but a live-action adaptation of the manga just went live. Back in July, Wakui's story hit the big screen, and the movie is the country's top-grossing of 2021 at this moment. Clearly, a lot of people have fallen for Tokyo Revengers, so Wakui has an audience at hand begging for more content.

If you are not caught up with Tokyo Revengers, Kodansha covers the series both overseas and in the United States. You can find the manga online through Comixcology, but if the anime is on your radar, no worries! The entire first season is now streaming over on Crunchyroll.

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