TokyoPop Promises To Bring The Nightmare Before Christmas Manga To Cracker Barrel

In one of our wildest headlines to date, it would seem that book publishers Tokyopop are looking to bring the manga adaptation of The Nightmare Before Christmas to the store of the restaurant chain Cracker Barrel. The Old Country Store might be best known for serving food at its restaurants across North America, but it would seem that they are getting into the manga business with the Disney adaptation that has become one of the biggest films that families across the world play during the spooky season and is currently available to watch on the streaming service of Disney+.

The Nightmare Before Christmas first arrived in theaters in 1993, using stop motion claymation to tell the story of Halloweentown and its defacto leader, Jack Skellington. Over the years the film directed by Henry Selick and produced by Tim Burton has taken on a life of its own, with its legacy far outlasting its theatrical run with merchandise of the classic twisted characters still selling out to this day. The manga was first released in 2017, produced by artist Jun Asuka, and retells the story of the movie via a new medium for fans both old and new to experience.

Tokyopop made the partnership announcement that it was looking to bring the manga adaptation to Cracker Barrel stores, leaving many manga and Jack Skellington fans scratching their heads at this strange crossover across the board:

The official description of The Nightmare Before Christmas manga that was published by Tokyopop reads as such:

"Jack Skellington is the Pumpkin King, the ruler of Halloween Town and master of all things creepy and spooky. But he's tired of his life in the shadows and longs for something new. When he accidentally stumbles upon Christmas Town, he decides this is the perfect chance to try his hand at a brand new holiday and is convinced he'll have the world yelling "Scary Christmas"! With the young patchwork doll Sally trying to dissuade him and the evil Oogie Boogie waiting in the wings to take over Halloween Town in Jack's absence, he'd better hurry if he wants to get his plan in place by December 25th!"

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