Trigun Stampede Director Teases the Anime's Main Focus

Vash the Stampede is finally set to return to the world of animation as Trigun Stampede has been revealed during this year's Anime Expo, with creator Yasuhiro Nightow taking the opportunity to explore the new animated series alongside several other key players at Studio Orange. The initial trailer for the series seemed to point to the idea that this might be a prequel for the story of the Sixty Billion Double Dollar Man, with Vash having a much different look than what we had seen before, though creator Nightow did dive further into some details about Orange's new series.

During the panel, which was attended by our own Megan Peters, Nightow emphasized the fact that the initial poster had text reading "Humanoid Typhoon is Coming!!!" rather than "Humanoid Typhoon is Coming Back", seemingly dispelling the idea that this upcoming anime adaptation would be a sequel to the initial series. As the panelists stated, they aren't looking for this new adaptation to be a continuation of the original stories of Vash, though they were remiss to confirm whether it will be a reboot or a prequel. Nightow is also hoping for the anime to dig further into Vash's character and wanted him to seem "foolish, but cool" when all was said and done.

It's been decades since the first Trigun anime hit the scene in the late 1990s, with the follow-up film, Trigun Badlands, arriving in 2010 to give us a new adventure for the happy-go-lucky hero who harbored some dark secrets. Since the original manga series debuted from Yasuhiro Nightow, there has been no confirmation regarding new manga stories featuring Vash though the fan reception to Stampede certainly shows that Trigun's fandom has remained consistent for decades.

In the first trailer for the series, we not only saw Vash sporting a new look, but we were able to see flashbacks to Vash's earlier days wherein he was floating around in space with his brother Knives and his parental figure, Rem. Things only go from bad to worse for the Humanoid Typhoon but his story remains a fan favorite within the anime community. 

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