Trigun Stampede Creator Explains the Anime Title's Secret Meaning

Vash The Stampede lived up to his name in the original Trigun series as the humanoid typhoon was such a slippery target that he could  dodge bullets while cracking jokes at the same time. With the blond-haired gunman set to return next year in Trigun Stampede, the creators behind the new show discussed the double meaning behind the title of Vash's big comeback at this year's Anime Expo.

At this year's Anime Expo, our own Megan Peters was in attendance for the Trigun Stampede panel, which had the likes of Trigun creator Yasuhiro Nightow in attendance, along with concept designer Kouji Tajima, producer Kiyotaka Waki, and producer Katushiro Takei in attendance. The creators tackled a number of topics across the board, but when it came to the decision of adding "Stampede" to the title of the new series, it came back to placing the focus on Vash and his character. Nightow specifically was looking for the series to focus on Vash's character and further explore what makes him tick, with the creator of Trigun nothing that Vash must be "foolish but cool" when depicted in the new series.

As it stands, Studio Orange has been tight-lipped regarding the story of Trigun Stampede, with the initial trailer revisiting a familiar scene in which Vash and his brother Knives are jettisoned from space down to the planet below. However, this version of Vash looks far different from the one we came to know in the original manga and anime adaptation from Studio Madhouse, giving him a more modern look. Fans are continuing to debate whether this new series will be a prequel or reboot of the franchise, though the same fans are mostly happy to finally see Vash the Stampede return to the world of anime.

Trigun Stampede hasn't revealed its release date as of yet, but we'll be sure to let you know all the details once any new information arrives regarding the return of the Sixty-Billion Double Dollar Man.

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