Twice's New Anime Music Video Redefines J-Pop Goals

When you think of anime, tons tv shows and films may come to mind, but that is not all the medium [...]

When you think of anime, tons tv shows and films may come to mind, but that is not all the medium is good for. Over the years, music has come to embrace anime as its artwork has been used in music videos, and a brand-new song shows just how it the crossover should be done.

Over on Youtube, a music video for the song "Candy Pop" has got J-pop fans buzzing, and it is easy to see why. As you can see above, the music video is a colorful one exemplifying the wholesome brightness of the genre, but its addition of anime makes it all the better.

The band TWICE took a go at J-pop with their new single, and it looks like it came straight out of Love Live! or Idolmaster. The group, which actually hails from South Korea, wanted to give their Japanese fans a treat with their latest music video and used anime to do that.

When the video begins, fans are greeted by a glum girl as she sits in her bedroom bored and alone on White Day. Wanting to pass the time, the girl turns on her TV to watch a shojo-friendly anime, and Candy Pop happens to be on.

The video's anime elements kick off there are fans are taken inside the world of Candy Pop. As it turns out, TWICE is actually an anime idol group, and they do an animated song and dance before their show gets cut off from the little girl. Determined to cheer up their fan, TWICE tries to escape, and they rely on someone to help them reach the real world. It just so happens that their getaway man looks just like Brock from Pokemon.

"Candy Pop" may be the second Japanese single from TWICE, but the group wasted no time in leveling with the J-pop genre. The music video is visually bright, its lyrics are infectious, and each of its idols look like they came straight out of Aikatsu! So, if you have wanted to see what a real-life idol anime looks like, all you have to do is watch TWICE's latest comeback.

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