Universal Studios Japan Releases Summer Anime Attractions Promo

Universal Studios Japan tends to differ a bit from its United States Counterpart. Whereas our theme park tends to focus on Harry Potter, The Simpsons, Fast And The Furious, And Despicable Me to name a few, Japan's tends to skew more toward anime. Spotlighting Neon Genesis Evangelion, Shin Godzilla, Detective Conan, Lupin The Third, and Sailor Moon, Universal Studios Japan has just released a promo highlighting their new rides and attractions promoting these properties.

The video on the Universal Studios Japan Twitter Account shows fans entering the park and first witnessing a fight between EVA Unit 01 and Shin Godzilla, the most recent Japanese version of the King Of The Monsters. From here, a fan is joined by the Sailor Scouts from Sailor Moon and another fan is threatened by massive titans from Attack On Titan before being saved by a number of the human scouts from the series.

Some of the attractions that are promoted here include a Detective Conan Restaurant and Mystery Challenge Attraction, a Lupin The Third Car Chases RX ride, a Godzilla/Evangelion collaborative attraction, and a Sailor Moon live show. Each of these anime properties will even have their own "world" within the confines of the park so if you're a big anime fan, visiting Universal Studios Japan may be something to throw on your bucket list.

(Photo: Universal Studios)

Universal Studios Japan is one of four "U.S." parks, with this particular park located in Osaka, Japan and originally created in March of 2001. Highlighting anime and video game properties isn't anything new for this park as past attractions have included spotlights on Resident Evil/Biohazard, Monster Hunter, and One Piece to name a few.

The park itself is split up into nine different sections, highlighting various anime and Hollywood properties. In 2020, the park will be creating a "Super Nintendo World", in conjunction with the Summer Olympics.

Have you been, or would you like to go, to Universal Studios Japan? Let us know in the comments or feel free to hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics and anime.



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