Vinland Saga Creator Discusses Their Approach to the Manga

Vinland Saga has been renewed for a second season, with new stories focusing on Thorfinn, along with several new warriors, slated to arrive early next year. With the animation responsibilities transferring from Wit Studio to Studio MAPPA, in a scenario similar to Attack on Titan, the creators of the first season, along with the creator of the bloody franchise Makoto Yukimura, took the opportunity to answer some questions about the story of this world of vikings and bloodshed. 

The first season of Vinland Saga ended on quite the cliffhanger, with Askeladd killing the king and dying as a result, leaving Thorfinn robbed of his revenge while also drastically shifting the original storyline of the series from what many fans were expecting. Fans that have been reading Vinland Saga's know that along with the nail-biting events, the series is set to introduce some major new characters to the anime adaptation with season two. 

Creator Makoto Yukimura went into detail in the latest interview when it came to how he approached creating the manga that was spun into a wild anime adaptation from Wit Studio: 

"In a normal army, in the modern sense of the word, a superior officer's orders are absolute. If there's an order to charge, the soldiers charge—even if they know some of them are going to die. The Viking bands in Vinland Saga have a much more haphazard chain of command. Leadership structure essentially boils down to following whoever's strongest. Askeladd's men follow him because they look up to his strength, but if that respect fades, or they feel following him is dangerous, they'll go their own way. I write their stories recognizing that their relationships don't amount to any more than that."

The director of the first season, Shuhei Yabuta, also lent some thoughts when it came to the storytelling that had to be kept in mind when it came to bringing this viking story to life as it sticks somewhat closely to real-life events:

"They're not motivated by authority or loyalty. When Torgrim left the band, I made sure not to portray it as a betrayal. I wanted to show it simply as a rational, realistic choice and avoid painting him in a negative light."

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Via Vinland Saga Official Website