Vinland Saga Season 2 Team Hypes Its Big New Character

Vinland Saga is on the horizon with season two, and as you can imagine, fans are ready to see what the series has in store. After all, Thorfinn has plenty to do in this new season, and director Shuhei Yabuta will see his mission through. Of course, he'll be joined by a whole team including creator Yukimura Makoto, and now, the two are dishing about the biggest character addition of season two.

The interview was posted recently on Vinland Saga's official website overseas. It was there the team behind season two opened up about the show's return next year, and Yabuta made it clear the series will rely heavily on the newcomer Einar when it returns.

"The lynchpin of the start of Season Two is definitely Einar. He left a strong impression on me when I read the manga, so when we were outlining the series, Seko and I started with discussing where his strength came from. I didn't think we could start mapping out the series until we understood the source of his strength," the director shared.

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Chiming in, Yukimura stressed the entire team worked hard to bring the farm arc to life, so the new characters in season two will fit in with no issues. "They put a lot of additional detail into the characters and backgrounds of the farm arc. It shows very neatly how each character ended up there, and as the writer of the original manga-and I'm repeating myself here-I really felt a sense of gratitude."

Of course, those who have read Vinland Saga will know Einar well, and his introduction in season two has been long awaited. Fans will not have to wait much more for his debut, however. Vinland Saga has confirmed it will premiere at the start of 2023, and it will be made available on Netflix as well as Amazon Prime.

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