How to Watch Kaiju No. 8

Here's how to watch the biggest Spring 2024 anime, Kaiju No. 8!

Kaiju No. 8 has made its debut as part of the new wave of anime hitting for the Spring 2024 season, and there are some unique ways to keep up with this series as it airs! Kaiju No. 8 is likely going to be the biggest new release of the Spring as it made the jump from Shueisha's Jump+ app to screens with a truly blockbuster production leading to its debut. The series not only features a staff from around the world, but is also going to have a simultaneous worldwide premiere along the debut of each new episode as they hit in Japan. 

If you wanted to check out the anime as it airs, there are two cool ways to do so. It's going to have a fully live premiere, so fans will need to check out Kaiju No. 8's X account every Saturday beginning at 7:00AM PST, and these are the same time it's available in Japan. This includes the English subtitled stream of the episode, and it is also streaming live at the same time with Crunchyroll as well. But thankfully, checking out the back catalog is going to be a bit easier. 

How to Watch Kaiju No. 8

Kaiju No. 8 is also available with Crunchyroll, and while they will be streaming the newest episodes live alongside their premiere in Japan, fans who miss the initial premiere can wait an hour or so before the episode uploads in full. From there, you can check out either the English subtitled or dubbed release. They will also offer the previously released episodes (such as the premiere), so fans will be able to catch up with all of the episodes before checking out the new ones live on Saturday mornings. 

Kaiju No. 8 Episode 1 is titled "The Man Who Became a Kaiju" and the episode is teased as such, "Kafka Hibino has almost abandoned his dream of joining the anti-Kaiju "Defense Force." He now works in Kaiju clean-up, disposing of the bodies of slain Kaiju and thinking back with regret to the days he spent with his childhood friend Mina Ashiro, captain of Defense Force's Third Division." It's time to catch up before new episodes hit! 

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