Why You Should Be Watching Black Clover

Black Clover's now over 100 episodes in and there's no signs of slowing down as the latest episode of the series brought the final climactic battle of one of the most intense arcs in the anime to date. With the anime most likely continuing on beyond this point without a break, it's honestly the best time to jump back into the series should you feel like you're missing out on something. Getting off to a rough start with many fans for its divisive first episode (featuring an admittedly rough voice performance), it's a much different series years later.

It may sound like the typical anime fan argument to just come out and say, "It improves after X episodes in," but it really does. The secret to Black Clover as a Shonen action series is that the anime is sure to make sure to really nail the biggest moments when it really counts.

If you haven't kept up with the anime, or never watched to begin with, the latest episode was a great concise example of what makes the anime's version of the series so great. Yuki Tabata's original manga tends to be a bit faster with its huger moments, but the anime takes its time and lets each major victory or defeat sit a little more.

While criticism for the anime is admittedly earned during a few of the occasions, those rougher edges have definitely smoothed out over the course of the series. Like how Asta evolves with each new battle, the anime continues to evolve as well. This includes how it animates many of its huge moments. Unlike other anime series that feature great fight scenes, Black Clover tends to be far more experimental.

Take Asta's big debut transformation, for instance. The first time he transformed into Black Asta, the series got a divisive response from fans because it went into a wildly erratic state. But it's also one of the most magnetic scenes in the series overall. And this trend absolutely continued with each of the major battles that got poignant moments accented with these kind of fun exclamation points!


But as the anime continues to its next huge arc with even bigger battles, a timeskip, power ups, and much more lore as it opens up beyond the reach of the Clover Kingdom, now's the time to jump back into the series. 100 plus episodes seems like a lot, but if you're really digging it, it will just fly by. So simply said, you should be watching Black Clover.

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